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Led by a team of qualified periodontists and gum specialists, Stellar Dental Specialists is one of the best clinics in Parramatta when it comes to dental implant treatments.

Through the use of durable and strong titanium screws, our dentists can replace the roots of your damaged or missing teeth. These screws are surgically implanted into your upper or lower jawbone, acting as artificial roots for replacement crowns, bridges or dentures. The use of titanium guarantees the longevity of the implant while also enhancing functionality of your new teeth. In addition, our implant crowns and bridges have a natural look, ensuring a seamless blend with the rest of your teeth.

With years and years of collective experience, our dental specialists fully appreciate the importance of patient-centred care. We understand that procedures such as this can be quite overwhelming for both adults and children.

Because of this, we always make sure that we address all of our clients’ concerns and questions. Our compassionate team will always make sure that you’re comfortable and at ease during this procedure. To help make our patients feel welcome, we operate in a modern and hygienic dental clinic, featuring soothing music and ample natural sunlight during the day.

In addition, we also provide personalised oral hygiene instructions to empower patients with knowledge so that they can maintain their oral health beyond the clinic. Through education, we hope to ease our patients’ anxiety and fear.

Dental Implants Parramatta

Why Choose Us?

Our dental professionals are always committed to continuous improvement within the field of dentistry.

This means keeping up to date with the latest technological and methodological developments in the healthcare industry. Not only can this help make our procedures safer and more efficient, it can also help you more effectively maintain your oral health. In addition, it also helps our team avoid outdated practices that may cause harm.

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If you’re after reliable dental specialists near Ryde, Parramatta, Burwood or in any other surrounding suburbs, book an appointment with Stellar Dental Specialists today.

Whether you’re dealing with a serious infection or just looking for general cleaning, Stellar Dental Specialists is here to help you achieve a smile that you can be proud of.

To book an appointment or to find out more about our costs or availability, please give our team a call at 02 9809 6888 or send us a message via our online contact form.

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