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Located near Eastwood, Stellar Dental Specialists is one of Sydney’s best dental clinics when it comes to periodontal treatments and services.

Driven by the passion of experienced gum specialists and Australian qualified periodontists, our clinic is able to provide a range of quality dental solutions to a variety of patients. With each and every individual that comes through our doors, our goal is to help them become more confident in their smile while also empowering them with the education necessary to maintain good oral health beyond the dental office.

Since each patient is going to have their own unique set of challenges, we always conduct a comprehensive periodontal assessment before providing treatment. Through this assessment along with our specialised periodontal training, we’re able to hone in on specific dental issues and provide tailored dental solutions. We can handle matters including gum disease, gum recession, dental implants, Bone grafts, bone regeneration, gummy smiles, impacted canines, infections and more.

A Modern Clinic with State-Of-The-Art Technology

As a clinical practice, it’s important for us to make sure that we’re on top of the latest technological and methodological advantages in the field of dentistry. Stellar Dental Specialists always uses the latest dental equipment to ensure that we’re providing safe and effective dental treatments to our patients.

For instance, to make surgeries and cleaning procedures more efficient and more pleasant for our patients, we use piezo surgery, 3D imaging and the air polishing techniques.

In addition, we understand that dental visits can be a huge challenge for both adults and children. As such, we always make sure that our centre is as welcoming and as comfortable as possible. With music playing in the background and a wealth of natural light streaming into the spacious waiting rooms, you will almost certainly feel at ease at our modern clinic.

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Stellar Dental Specialists is located in Ryde but can serve patients near Eastwood, Burwood, Parramatta and various other suburbs in the area.

You can enquire online by using our contact form, sending an email, or by calling us directly at 02 9809 6888.

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