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Effective Periodontist Treatments: Steps to Halt Progression and Ensure Oral Health

At Stellar Dental Specialists, our periodontists are dedicated to providing our patients with a lifetime of good oral health. From our state of the art clinics in Ryde and Crows Nest, we provide expert periodontal services for patients throughout the nearby areas of Sydney. 

Halting the progression of periodontitis requires a meticulous and structured approach, as well as the expertise that only a gum specialist can provide. Successfully treating this condition involves addressing the root cause—bacterial plaque—and establishing exceptional oral hygiene practices. There are six key stages in achieving successful periodontal treatment outlined below.

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1. Oral Hygiene Instruction

Your periodontist will provide guidance on reducing bacteria in the mouth and managing inflammation. You’ll receive detailed instructions on oral hygiene practices tailored to your needs, including tooth-brushing techniques, interdental cleaning methods, and the use of mouthwashes. Committing to these practices is crucial for successful treatment.

2. Periodontal Debridement (‘deep cleaning’)

Bacterial deposits in the form of plaque and tartar are removed from root surfaces. Multiple sessions might be necessary to thoroughly clean deposits from root surfaces and gum pockets. We use the latest technology and conservative instruments to carefully scale off the bacteria while minimising damage to your teeth and gums.

3. Antibiotic Therapy

In certain situations, antibiotics are prescribed to address persistent gum infections unresponsive to oral hygiene measures.

4. Reassessment

After several months, your periodontist evaluates the progress using a periodontal probe to measure pocket depth and check for bleeding. If pockets deeper than 5mm persist, further treatment options may be suggested, including corrective surgical therapy.

5. Corrective Surgical Therapy

Advanced periodontitis might require surgical intervention to reduce deep gum pockets. Surgical procedures involve accessing areas where bacterial deposits remain inaccessible to standard cleaning methods. This can include cleaning root surfaces, bone remodeling, or regenerative therapy to reconstruct lost bone.

6. Preventive Maintenance

Long-term success hinges on patient oral hygiene and regular dental care. After treatment, periodic check-ups are crucial to prevent recurrence of gum disease. Follow-up visits are important to monitor for health and for potential relapse. Specific areas of your teeth and gums may accumulate plaque more easily than other sites, and these areas are thoroughly re-cleaned in order to preserve good gum health.

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At Stellar Dental Specialists, we provide expert periodontal services from our clinics in Ryde and Crows Nest. From treating gum disease to placing dental implants, we are dedicated to ensuring our patients enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. To book an appointment or discuss your oral health requirements, give us a call on 02 9809 6888

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