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Why is a gum examination and treatment plan discussion necessary?

At Stellar Dental Specialists, our specialised periodontist-led team offers a comprehensive assessment tailored specifically to your periodontal health needs. A periodontal examination is ‘problem solving’. Every patient is different, and has different problems. Therefore, the solutions and treatments can vary. Our approach is to ensure a thorough understanding of your unique oral health profile.

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  1. Our team begins with a detailed examination. Utilizing diagnostic tools, we inspect the roots of your teeth and gums, including periodontal indicators like gum recession, tooth mobility, furcation involvement, bleeding tendencies, and the depth and severity of periodontal pockets. Periodontal pockets is a critical sign of active periodontal inflammation.
  2. Understanding your complete medical history and current medications is pivotal. During our examination, we need to recognise the potential impact of various health conditions and medications on your periodontal health.
  3. Should there be any complex dental problems, dental radiographs may be suggested. This could include the use of 3D CBCT Imaging which allows visulaisation of the bone structures, teeth, roots and surrounding tissues with exceptional clarity. This level of detail aids in accurately assessing the extent ot bone loss and the architecture of the periodontal tissues. CBCT aids in diagnosing conditions that may not be clearly visible on traditional dental xrays.
  4. Following the examination, our consultation begins. We explain the significance of these detailed periodontal indicators, discussing their implications and their role in guiding personalized treatment plans. Our periodontist-led team outlines the tailored treatment options designed to address your specific needs. This treatment plan may also be in collaboration with your usual general dentist, medical GP or specialist.
  5. Furthermore, if concerns about missing teeth or impending tooth loss arise, our consultation covers replacement options. From in-depth discussions about dental implants to alternative solutions, we aim to provide you with an extensive understanding to facilitate informed decision-making about your oral health.

At Stellar Dental Specialists, our dedication lies in delivering a thorough periodontal examination and a consultative approach that equips you with knowledge and personalised solutions.

In certain situations, it’s possible to provide treatment on the same day as a consultation. This may include:

  1. Immediate Need for Urgent Care: In urgent situations where immediate treatment is crucial to alleviate pain, manage acute infections, or address sudden periodontal issues, we will do our utmost to provide emergency care
  2. Pre-arranged Appointments: Treatment can occur on the same day but this will need to be pre-arranged. This is so that we can make the necessary planning and preparation in advance. This usually requires a detailed letter of referral from your dentist, and relevant radiographs (xrays) sent in so that we can plan the appropriate treatment in advance.Patients should be aware that specialist treatments can sometimes take 1-2 hours. In some cases, patients may have time constraints or may prefer to schedule treatment on a different day due to personal reasons or work commitments. Treatments may also require some post-operative care and this may require some ‘down time’ where patients are advised to return home following treatment.

While it might be ideal for patients to receive immediate treatment on the same day following the consultation arranging treatment on the same day as a consultation with a specialist in periodontics can sometimes be challenging due to several reasons:

  1. Complexity of Diagnosis: Periodontal conditions often require a thorough examination, which may involve detailed assessments, such as comprehensive periodontal charting, imaging (like CBCT scans), and evaluation of various factors influencing oral health. This detailed evaluation might require additional time to accurately diagnose the condition and plan the treatment.
  2. Preparation and Logistics: Some periodontal treatments might require specific preparations, such as obtaining additional imaging, gathering specialized equipment or materials, or coordinating with other dental or medical specialists for complex cases. This preparation often can’t be completed on the same day as the initial consultation.
  3. Informed Decision-Making: Periodontal specialists aim to ensure that patients have a thorough understanding of their condition, treatment options, and potential outcomes. Allowing time between the consultation and treatment appointment gives patients the opportunity to ask questions, consider different treatment plans, and make informed decisions about their oral health.

The periodontal examination, and treatment plan discussion including any discussion of dental implant therapy is $250.

The Health fund item codes include:

  • 017 (Consultation by referral)
  • 221 (Clinical periodontal analysis and recording)

Your dentist usually sends any relevant radiographs/xrays to our office prior to your appointment. However, for accurate diagnosis or when there are any complex issues, additional scans can be arranged at an additional cost.

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